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Tel-aviv based musician, producer and songwriter.

In the late 80's, at the age of 16, Rami began his journey of music creation when he started to take guitar lessons. That is when he first met Amos Eliav, a gifted bass player and producer and together they sneaked out of school to jam. This collaboration led them to experiment with original productions, originally using a 4 track tape and then later computers and finally using the internet as a tool for online collaboration with musicians from all over the world. This culminated in the mid 90's, to a pioneering live show, based on online collaboration using computers and live instruments.

During the late 90's and early 2000's Rami became engrossed in learning the art of mixing and DAWs, taking private lessons from David Saban - a producer that took part in some important Israeli records productions (ie. Shalom Hanoch, Korin Alal).

After developing his production skills, Rami felt ready to begin releasing music to the public and reunited with Amos to form a duo – Hechafuz Hamechani. The songs were produced by Rami and written and composed by Rami & Amos at Rami's studio. While releasing singles, Rami got his first boost of confidence from Minimal Compact's legendary bass player Malka Spigel who commented on their social media page that she really like the sound of the single - Bgida.
Hechafuz Hamechani debut album was released on 2008 and was received well in the Israeli media, becoming the "album of the week" at the mainstream radio 88FM.


Ahafuz Amechani - Amos Eliav & Rami Moscovich

In the beginning of 2011 saw the release of the second Hechafuz Hamechani album titled Guf Ke'ev  - this time Rami was the main writer and performer, while Amos played more of a supporting role. This album was released with the Israeli distribution label - High Fidelity.

By the end of 2011 Rami formed a new band - Angelic Circus, together with Naama Freedman and Sharon Matyovich Balsam, and together they released the EP "A path, stars and maybe a pond".
With Rami as the founder, Angelic Circus has worked with different musicians throughout the years and is today comprised of Galit Aufgang, Eran Peres and Rami, who are collaborating on the writing and producion process.


Angelic Circus - Galit Aufgang, Eran Peres & Rami Moscovich

Since 2018, Rami has been studying vocal pedagogy with the vocalist and producer - Zohara Niddam (main vocalist of Oi Va Voi).

This led to new creation phase for Rami as a solo musician in addition to being a member in Angelic Circus trio.

Currently Rami is working and meeting weekly with the musician, guitarist and producer - Zoe Polansky (AKA Bela Tar) who has been supporting him with his solo act.

The first result of this collaboration was the EP Vacant - released in 2019, including a cover version of Neil Young's My My Hey Hey, that was played on the radio, specifically a number of times by the legendary Israeli radio host - Yoav Kutner.

In 2021 Rami released the mini album "Capsules" produced with the artistic advisory of Zoe Polansky, and distributed by the Canadian music label - DMT Records

Since the beginning of 2022 Rami has been focusing on producing Hypnotic Minimal/Dub Techno track.

Rami was born and raised and lives in Tel-Aviv, is married and raising 3 beautiful boys.

"One can conceive of a continuous acoustic flow that traverses the world and that even encompasses silence. A musician is someone who sample something from that flow"

                                                             - Gilles Deleuze

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